Our expertise span across many industries


Government entities have very strict requirements and very demanding timelines. They expect nothing less than the very best commercial grade products and demand precise and timely service execution. Tactical Office is very proud of our very successful heritage of working with government. We have proudly served all branches of the Department of Defense, federal agencies, many state governments and local municipalities. We are uniquely experienced in dealing with the intricacies of government work. From the complicated paperwork required, to the stringent security requirements, Tactical Office has the experience to get it done.

Professional Services

We offer professional services companies of all sizes the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge. By providing “What’s Next in Furniture”, Tactical Office helps insurance agencies, legal offices, consulting and accounting firms create a most welcoming environment for their clients. Careful attention to detail helps these firms realize operational efficiencies, recruit and retain talent, and create an inviting work space.


Copy of Learning Institutions

active learning has become the standard at learning institutions everywhere. Educators agree that active learning and dynamic teaching styles increase engagement, improve attendance, and are paramount for student success. We create dynamic, interactive, collaborate environments for learning spaces. Employers value graduates that have experienced collaborative learning as collaborative environments are standard in today’s corporate settings. Education is evolving at a rapid rate. Technology has never been more prevalent. Our promise to showcase “What’s Next in Furniture” allows your institution to remain at the forefront of this evolution. Learning doesn’t only occur in the classroom. Collaborative student efforts take place in lobby and lounge areas, cafeterias, and study areas as well. The use of technology friendly furniture is paramount to a successful learning experience



Tech companies are trying to lure top recruits and keep current employees by creating work spaces that foster creativity, collaboration and comfort. Technology companies realize that to stay on top they must attract and retain the very best talent. Their work environments must be innovative, creative and forward thinking. They are always thinking about “What’s Next in Furniture”. Tactical Office helps technology companies create creative workspaces that lure, attract, and retain top talent.


Financial Services

Many modern financial institutions have long standing traditions and values. Projecting a modern business image for these institutions while maintaining their roots is paramount to continued success.
From local community banks to nationwide financial institutions, we help financial organizations communicate and show their brand promise. Warm, inviting interiors reflect the safety, security and stability they want their clients to feel. Furniture for these institutions makes their customers comfortable and projects the success of the organization.



We create healthcare environments that improve health. Healthcare environments must go beyond “doing no harm” by creating nurturing environments that heal. From the welcoming first impression of medical waiting areas to efficient exam, treatment and patient rooms, we support the best products for your organization’s vision.